Saturday, August 30, 2014


The cost of hosiery can vary widely as there are different types, brands and styles out there. Over time of amassing 280 pairs of pantyhose/tights, I have found that patterned pairs will likely cost more than basic pantyhose tights. In my opinion some the patterns and styles that are made by the European hosiery manufacturers are very beautiful and well worth the money you pay for them as they are unique and very fashionable! Another factor that determines how much the hosiery will cost is the fabric that they are made out of. Most pantyhose are made up of mainly nylon, but if they are made of wool, silk or cashmere than chances are that you will pay a premium for them. Chances are that any brand you buy at the drug store or supermarket will not cost a lot. There is a reason for this, they probably will not feel very nice and be comfortable to wear. I find that buying cheap hosiery is like going out and buying cheap underwear. I have found that taking the time to do some research on what you are looking for and what best suits your needs will help you in finding what hosiery will work for you. Hosiery can be very cheap, a couple of dollars a pair all the way up to about 350 dollars a pair. Now one thing that I have learned is that buying pairs of hosiery which cost more, does not mean that they will last longer in any way! I spent 28 dollars on a pair of spanx support pantyhose only to have them run in the first day. Denier can have a big part in how well the pair of hosiery will hold up. If the hosiery is very sheer, 5-10 denier, I would not expect them to last long regardless of how much they cost. I have noticed that some of the luxury brands like Fogal, Wolford and Falke which may cost a little more in price, are always a pleasure to wear as they use good quality yarns which are smooth and soft to the touch. One thing that I have noticed is that hosiery made in Europe tends to be more comfortable to wear and they typically look better on the legs. I typically spend between 10-20 dollars on a pair, and they are in my opinion more comfortable than any available at most of the department stores in the U.S. I have seen brands like Donna Karan go for about 18-20 dollars a pair and cannot wrap my head around that, as I tried them once and thought they were not very comfortable at all. Now I love brands like Platino and Cecilia de Rafael which cost me about 10-16 dollars a pair and are some of the best feeling, wearing and even can be very durable! I never have any doubts about buying their hosiery as I know they always do such a nice job and do not cost all that much!
Another thing I have found over my time wearing pantyhose/tights is that I look at the enjoyment and comfort I get out of wearing them. If I splurge and spend 30-50 dollars on a pair of pantyhose/tights, sure I would like them to last as long as possible, but that is the way I feel about all my pantyhose/tights! I feel that some of the pairs that I have by the French hosiery brand Gerbe feel so elegant with the reinforced heel and toe. They may run about 33-45 dollars a pair, but sometimes I think it is always nice to have a pair that will look great, feel wonderful and elegant to wear. I can picture, the quality that goes into to making the European brands such as Gerbe and cannot fathom why people would not want to wear them more often. I have been wearing them as often as I can for the last 2.5 years and have never looked backed!

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