Saturday, August 30, 2014

Myths and Sizes

There are what I believe to be some myths regarding pantyhose/tights. The first one is that they are hot. Yes, this can be true some of the time, but it depends on how thick the pantyhose/tights are and what the temperature is outside. Personally, I would not go outside in thick black tights when it is 90 degrees outside. I would never be comfortable myself and know that it would be too hot! The whole thing that I have to say about this is that there is different hosiery for different weather temperatures. For the hot days, there is hosiery that is designed to keep the legs cool. For the cold days, there is hosiery designed to keep the legs warm.
The second myth is that they are itchy and uncomfortable. I have found this to be untrue almost every time. There are some brands like Donna Karan, Hanes, and Leggs which I would not think about buying. Ever since I have started to wear the European brands of hosiery, I have found out how wonderful and comfortable they can really be! I have pairs that are so comfortable I would rather not take them off once I am wearing them. It seems the European brands tend to use better yarns that are smoother and silkier than the American brands! Another aspect as regards of them being uncomfortable and not fitting right is that buying the right size is crucial to ensure the proper fit and comfort when wearing.
When trying to figure out what size of pantyhose/tights to buy, you take a look at the package for the size chart and find where your height is and weight is. Once you locate your size and height, you find where the two intersect and see what size it falls under. If the you are right on the line in between two sizes it is better to a size up. I would rather make sure the pantyhose/tights go all the way up versus having to wrestle them on and pull hard to get the crotch all the way up to only find out they are ripped! I have noticed that some of the European brands also indicate the size on the waistband by using dashes. So four dashes means a size four, etc. Most of the European brands will use a numerical size system with the sizes varying by brand. So While I am a size 3 in some, I might be a size 4 in others. I have also seen S, M, and L used for pantyhose/tights. Another way which seems to be used mainly in the U.S. Is sizing by letter starting with A. Regardless of what system is used to denote the sizes, the way to determine your size is the same by finding your weight and height on the chart and finding the intersection point.
A third myth that I would like to debunk is the fact that pantyhose have the reputation of being for old ladies. I have found in my time spent learning all I can about hosiery that this is simply untrue. I found that there is an amazing world of hosiery out there that puts emphasis on making the legs look nice, especially the European brands which can have no sheen, a more subtle sheen, or be so blatantly shiny it is obvious you have them on! I have found that wearing pantyhose/tights with even just a subtle sheen or very shiny have the tendency to really make the legs look wonderful and be a great way to show off your legs. These are probably not the pantyhose you saw your mother, aunt or grandmother wearing! They look so nice on the legs and seem to smooth things out while offering a nice shine to enhance the look of the legs in order to provide a more flawless look. Also with all the patterns and styles out there, there is a market for the younger generation and these patterns tend to be fund and colorful!
My final thoughts are that there is something out there for everybody, the only requirement is you need to look and find it.

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  1. all true above then there a exceptions about sizing when it comes to men that wear. Lots of men carry most of their weight from waist up that I have sorted out being a male wearer that loves the fashion side of wearing. Importantly its hips and height measurements. I read reviews, post comments about the types and brands I buy hoping it will others on sizing questions