Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Weekend

Hello Everyone,

I spent thanksgiving with my family, and came home on Friday.  The weather here in Seattle has cooled down so that means it is time to wear thicker tights! 

On Friday, I was able to try out and wear a new pair of tights by Gerbe I just bought.  They are called Palais Royal and are in the color anthracite.  They have a cool design and are very comfortable to wear. I really love how opening a package of Gerbe hosiery feels so elegant.


Saturday I went out and decided to try the Emilio Cavallini tights with the white stripe running down the inside and outside of each leg.  They are very thick and warm!  Also very comfortable as well!  These are part of the cult edition line that are made for both men and women! They looked a lot better on than I had expected!!

Today I wanted to try and layer, so I put on my new Oroblu Essence tights I recently bought at Nordstrom.  They are 20 denier, and I knew they would not be warm enough by themselves on a day like today.  I really love the pattern of the vertical lines on the front and back so I really wanted to wear them!  So I wore a pair of Platino Luxe 40 denier pantyhose in Ultra Violetta shade underneath.  I really like how the look came out and the pop of color underneath the pattern.

Lastly,  I also manage to wear my Boonie Doon plaid tights!  I really love the pattern and the shade!  They are definitely one of my favorite pairs that I own!

Have a good one,


Monday, November 24, 2014

New Wolford Tippi Tights

Hello Everyone,

Tonight I wore my new Wolford Tippi tights I bought yesterday at Nordstrom.  They have a nice pattern to them.  I have never tried anything like this pair before as I was always wondering about how comfortable they would be to wear.  But when the salesgirl was telling me all the wonderful things about this type of tight, the knit tight, I figured I might as well give this pair a try and they were also in the shade called Holly Berry which is a red color.  Now I would not have normally picked something like this out for myself in the past, but I felt daring and willing to give something new a try! These tights are not the smoothest pair that I have, but I must say they were to my surprise very comfortable to wear.  I would definitely recommend these to others who are looking for something fashionable to really add a nice pop of color and pattern to an outfit!  They are 48 dollars and have a 50 denier appear according to the package.  Being that they are a knit pattern and that the skin can be seen through the design, don't expect them to be cozy and warm.  I felt fine wearing them in the cold weather, and sometimes the legs sacrifice for a great pattern!

I styled these tights with some black shorts, my blue Ecko Shirt with the rhino on it, and some black pumas.  


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Skull tights

Hello Everyone,

Here is what I wore today.  I went with my Emilio Cavallini Skull tights with my camouflage shorts.  I love these tights since they are very comfortable, soft and they are a very cool pattern!  I went to Nordstrom and ended up getting a new pair of Wolford tights I will be trying out tomorrow.  After that I went to Pike place market and got some delicious cookies for later.  To anybody wanting to spice up their outfits, I would highly recommend these tights as I have not seen anything like them before!

here are the pictures:

Have a good one,


Red and Black

Hello Everyone,

Here is what I wore out on Saturday.   I wore a new pair of Wine colored Falke Pure Matte 50 tights.  They are very nice and soft and also warm as well.  They feel like they are very durable as well.  Over them I layered a pair of Oroblu Riga Lux Glitter backseam tights.  I thought this combination turned out very well, and it keep me nice and warm!   I paired it with some black shorts and a black t-shirt.

Here are the pictures:

Have a good one,


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interview with Romina from Rominesse

Hello Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce another interview, this time with Romina from Italy and she runs the blog Rominesse.  She blogs about beauty, tight/pantyhose and even shows how she styles them.  I love the tights and pantyhose she wears, and also love how she styles them.  I am very thankful that she agreed to do an interview for this blog!

Here is the interview:

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose/tights?
I have been wearing tights since i was a Little baby. My mother Always bought me fashionable colors and patterns, i know this thanks to the photos my parents took of me!

2. How often do you wear pantyhose/tights and do you wear them year round?
I wear them from september to april. Here in Italy it's quite hot and i don't like the feeling of nylon or lycra on skin with humidity. I wear them 3 times a week!

3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
Too many probably. I'm the official blogger of a big company (csp International) and they send me a lot of stuff. I also buy myself if i see something special... I think that i have almost 100 pair of tights, and 50 pairs of kneehighs, stockings and so on.

4. What is your favorite pair that you own?
It's a pair of Black lace tights (you Will see it in a photo) which are comfortable, sexy and easy to match
5. What is your go to pair that you wear most often?
Black high coverage tights, warm and cozy, Perfect for every occasion, you can't go wrong with them.

6. What is your favorite hosiery brand(s)?
Maybe if I say oroblu you'll think that it's because I work for them but it's the contrary! I loved their tights, they noticed that and chose me:)

7. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case of getting a run?
Never. I'm not a prudent person, I don't even bring with me medicines for headaches. And I quite like broken tights!

Do you prefer:
8. Matte or shiny? Opaque forever! I don't like sheer tights... At all.

9. Patterns or Plain hosiery? I love both, I can't decide.

10. Skintone shades or other colors? Colorful is better, skin tones are a bit boring for me. Except from black light coverage.

11. Opaque or sheer?  opaque wins.

12. What are your thoughts about pantyhose/tights being worn by both men and women? For me it's not a problem that men wear tights or pantyhose, at all... But I will admit that if my boyfriend or brother would wear them, I will not feel very happy... Too strange. It's because we are used to women who wear them. But I'm pretty sure that one day fashion designers will improve something that suits men better.

13. 13. Being that you live in italy. do you notice if women in your area tend to go bare legged or do they wear hosiery?
In my city girls from 15 to 30 hate tights. I don't know why... Maybe they feel more beautiful without them. Many times they say that are not comfortable but I don't trust them one hundred percent... Girls exhibit for boys and they think that boys don't find attractive tights and prefer bare legs. Disappointing! Not true.

14. If someone who knew nothing about pantyhose/tights came to you looking for advice on 5-10 pairs to get, what would you recommend to them? Something for going out, and also something for work. For work I suggest from 20 to 50 deniers black tights. To go out something simple but original, for example dotted or stripped tights.

15. If a person said that they thought pantyhose were hot, itchy and uncomfortable what would you say to them? You are choosing the wrong model or brand. I will invite them to try something I love and to spend some more money... Great tights are not cheap!

16.  What do you think are the positives and negatives of wearing pantyhose/tights if any? Positive for feminine look, great shape. Negative to go to bathroom... Girls problems!

17.  What advice do you have for other females on how to style their pantyhose/tights? How do you style them? Respect your style, try to find models that suit you. Or if you are a tomboy don't force yourself to wear lace or dots, try what you like and experiment with them.

18.  How did you get into wearing pantyhose/tights? I have to thank my mother because she has a deep sense of fashion... Much more than me, even now. And I have to thank myself because I understood that they look better with dresses and skirts.

19. Is it common for women to wear pantyhose in Italy, here in the U.S. it is very rare for anyone to wear them?
It's common yes. Almost every job for women requests to wear skirts and dresses. Women wear them. Girls at school wear them... We are the country of tights... Mantova is called "la cittá della calza" which means the city of tights.

Thanks again Romina.  Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This weekends Tights Choices

I have all the pictures I took of the tights I wore this weekend.

The first ones are by Platino, they are 80 denier and they are called the Jennifer.  They were very comfortable to wear and soft as well.  I really like the way they are shiny with the gold and black.   They were about 25 dollars.

The next pair I wore Saturday evening were my Wolford Satin de Luxe tights in black.  They are so soft and smooth, and have a nice shine to them.  I really love them and they are a pleasure to wear.  The only thing is that they run about 67 dollars so they are not cheap.

Today,  I wore my new Wolford Ombre tights I just got.  I really love the pattern, and how they look when they are on the legs!  They are 40 denier, so they are semi-opaque.  They are not the warmest pair I have, but they did help keep my legs warm as they are still 40 denier, plus they just look so good, I will let it slide!  They run about 62 dollars, but I think once in a while it is nice to splurge and get a nice pair of tights/pantyhose.  I was also impressed in how they have a nice shine to them.  I was not expecting that at all.

Until the next update,


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Interview with Sabrina from Doll Actitud

Hello everyone,

Today I have another interview, this time with Sabrina from the blog Doll Actitud who was so very generous to spend time answering questions about hosiery for this blog post.  She has a great sense of style and you should check her blog out for inspiration on how to better style your pantyhose/tights with outfits!  She is from Spain and this interview has been translated into english.  

Sabrina was so kind enough to send me these photos of how she styles her pantyhose/tights with her outfits.  

I love all the outfits and think the addition of pantyhose/tights really completes the look.

Here is the interview:

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose / stockings?
The average winter especially I like it when we need cover our legs from the cold, I like to vary in color and texture to encourage winter looks. I have been wearing since I was little, my mother put them on me Sunday to go for a walk.
2. How often do you wear pantyhose / tights and how you use them throughout the year?
The use especially in the colder months, about twice a week, I like to combine them with skirts, shorts or dresses and do a thousand combinations with them.

3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
I have about 10 pairs! increases more and more and my collection, I love with polka dots, stripes, plain, patterned ... are never too many!

4. What is your favorite pair you own?
My favorites are ones that I bought at Zara last winter, navy blue with white micro dots are very stylish and look great with skirts or dresses, bringing a feminine touch also.

5. What is your pair that you wear most often?
The most worn are the black, opaque tights, as they are easier to match and more insulating.

6. What is your favorite brand of hosiery (s) and why?
My favorite brand is Calzedonia has an irresistible quality and designs, the truth is that I like every one of their collections year after year.

7. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case you get a run?
YES! I'm a bit of a disaster with stockings, if too thin sometimes break soon and if it's a pair that I like I usually have more than one emergency ...

Do you prefer:

8. Matte or glossy?
matte texture, more often stylizes the figure, the shiny tend to do the opposite.

9. Patterns or plain hosiery?
I really like smooth stockings because they are easy to match with all kinds of clothes and have a thousand options, but however I like to add riskier options from time to time to leave the routine combinations.

10. Skintone tones or other colors?
I like more color highlighting on the skin, such as black, gray or brown, are my favorite.

11. Opaque or sheer?
opaque is my choice for 90% of the time because apart from wearing tights for fashion, I also wear for the cold weather.

12. What are your thoughts on pantyhose / tights being worn by both men and women?
I think they are necessary for many times in life, both everyday as holidays, and we all need to have several at home, whether for winter events such as weddings, or Christmas, or for warmth in the day to day combining skirts and accessories chic,

13. Being you live in Spain Do you realize if women in your area tend to go without stockings or tights do you wear?
In Spain we wear a lot, perhaps less than in other colder countries, but mostly worn in spring, winter and fall, sometimes to have a nice color legs before tanning the skin in summer, to insulate, or just to decorate that part of our body and make combinations that summer can not be done by heat.

14. If someone who knew nothing about pantyhose / tights came to you for advice on getting 5-10 pairs, what do you recommend them? Something to go out, and also something for work.
I would recommend, first; some black, perfect for combining in winter and at night, some in brown tights to match other lighter shades and other color skin for the day to elegant celebrations, or to give a nicer legs color. On the other side about 2 or 3 pairs with motifs like dots or lace, perfect for ballerinas or heels and not look as boring outfit during the colder months. Some fishnets are also perfect for Spring and style without producing much heat.

15. If a person says they thought pantyhose were hot, itchy and uncomfortable, what would you say to them?
Well, try to find the pantyhose/tights that are made of materials like silk, lycra and are good quality. Every time they make them with less harmful materials that are inexpensive and are better suited to our skin.

16. What do you think are the positives and negatives of wearing pantyhose / tights for you?
The positives are many, it is an indispensable complement to the female wardrobe, it's comfortable, beautify the legs and the color in the months before the summer, protection from the cold, and are an essential complement to achieve a look 10!

17. What advice would you give to other women about how to style your pantyhose / tights? How do you style them? My advice is to dare to use more varied methods, with original designs and do not stick to the basic and sheer pantyhose that are dated ... We must dare to try!

18. How did you get into the use of pantyhose / tights?
I have always loved pantyhose, and starts as the cold hits the perfect time for it, I love feeling that I can move freely, be comfortable and warm at the same time, combine well and get a uniquely different result how to go with a monochrome look and add a touch of color in the middle, it's amazing all the possibilities!