Monday, November 24, 2014

New Wolford Tippi Tights

Hello Everyone,

Tonight I wore my new Wolford Tippi tights I bought yesterday at Nordstrom.  They have a nice pattern to them.  I have never tried anything like this pair before as I was always wondering about how comfortable they would be to wear.  But when the salesgirl was telling me all the wonderful things about this type of tight, the knit tight, I figured I might as well give this pair a try and they were also in the shade called Holly Berry which is a red color.  Now I would not have normally picked something like this out for myself in the past, but I felt daring and willing to give something new a try! These tights are not the smoothest pair that I have, but I must say they were to my surprise very comfortable to wear.  I would definitely recommend these to others who are looking for something fashionable to really add a nice pop of color and pattern to an outfit!  They are 48 dollars and have a 50 denier appear according to the package.  Being that they are a knit pattern and that the skin can be seen through the design, don't expect them to be cozy and warm.  I felt fine wearing them in the cold weather, and sometimes the legs sacrifice for a great pattern!

I styled these tights with some black shorts, my blue Ecko Shirt with the rhino on it, and some black pumas.