Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Weekend

Hello Everyone,

I spent thanksgiving with my family, and came home on Friday.  The weather here in Seattle has cooled down so that means it is time to wear thicker tights! 

On Friday, I was able to try out and wear a new pair of tights by Gerbe I just bought.  They are called Palais Royal and are in the color anthracite.  They have a cool design and are very comfortable to wear. I really love how opening a package of Gerbe hosiery feels so elegant.


Saturday I went out and decided to try the Emilio Cavallini tights with the white stripe running down the inside and outside of each leg.  They are very thick and warm!  Also very comfortable as well!  These are part of the cult edition line that are made for both men and women! They looked a lot better on than I had expected!!

Today I wanted to try and layer, so I put on my new Oroblu Essence tights I recently bought at Nordstrom.  They are 20 denier, and I knew they would not be warm enough by themselves on a day like today.  I really love the pattern of the vertical lines on the front and back so I really wanted to wear them!  So I wore a pair of Platino Luxe 40 denier pantyhose in Ultra Violetta shade underneath.  I really like how the look came out and the pop of color underneath the pattern.

Lastly,  I also manage to wear my Boonie Doon plaid tights!  I really love the pattern and the shade!  They are definitely one of my favorite pairs that I own!

Have a good one,


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