Monday, December 1, 2014

Interview with Julita of Crimson Moon

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Today I am pleased to announce another interview with Julita of the blog Crimson Moon.  She lives in Poland and has such great style and I was very interested to hear about hosiery from her.  She also has a Facebook fanpage which you can check out in the link.  So if you are looking for inspiration and great ways to style your hosiery, feel free to check her blog out!  Here are a couple of photos she was so kind enough to send to me for this post.  I really love both outfits and think she does a great job with styling black tights in both of them.

Here is the interview:

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose/tights?
I was 3/4 years when I first wore tights. So it's probably 17 years.

2. How often do you wear pantyhose/tights and do you wear them year round?
I wear tights 3 days a week.

3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
I have 30 pairs in my collection.

4. What is your favorite pair that you own?
My favorite pair is all black

5. What is your go to pair that you wear most often?
My favorite is black tights, so I wear them very often.

6. What is your favorite hosiery brand(s)?
My favorite brand is Calzedonia, I really like it.

Do you prefer:

7. Matte or shiny?

8. Patterns or Plain hosiery?
Plain Hosiery

9. Skintone shades or other colors?
I love black color.

10. Opaque or sheer?
11. What are your thoughts about pantyhose/tights being worn by both men and women? There are even hosiery brands like Emilio Cavallini which make tights for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. Also French hosiery manufacturer Gerbe, made some with a fly opening. What are your thoughts on this new trend in tights and legwear?
I think it's not a problem, if you are men or women and you really like wear something, you should wear it :)

12. What is the proper protocol for wearing hosiery in Poland?
Woman in Poland wear all of types of tights.

13. If someone who knew nothing about pantyhose/tights came to you looking for advice on 5-10 pairs to get, what would you recommend to them? Something for going out, and also something for work.
When we want to wear tights for work we should remember about wearing skirt or dress to our knees, pantyhose should be in the black or skin colors. When we want to wear pantyhose for parties, we can wear colors, and shapes what we want (there are no rules!)

14. If a person said that they thought pantyhose were hot, itchy and uncomfortable what would you say to them?
I think it 's a personal view about pantyhose. I really like wearing tights, but when somebody doesn't it's not my business.

15.  What do you think are the positives and negatives of wearing pantyhose/tights if any?
I think positives are obvious, when we wear pantyhose our legs looks great! I have one negative thing when is winter, it's really cold outside, and we can't wear pantyhose, ofcourse we can wear thick tights, but I don't like wear this types.

16.  What advice do you have for other females on how to style their pantyhose/tights? How do you style them?
I think it's a personal side how to wear pantyhose and with something.

17.  How did you get into wearing pantyhose/tights?
I wear pantyhose normal, so do you.

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