Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello Everyone,

Today I figured I would post my outfits I wore this weekend.  The first one is me wearing my Trasparenze Theremin tights which I love the pattern of!  On top I layered a pair of Platino Cleancut 15 denier pantyhose which are amazing, this pair is in a nude shade.  They just added a bit of extra shine which I always love!  This is what I wore on Saturday.  I wore a pair of black shorts, and pumas to go with the tights.  As you can see from the pictures, the Platinos add that high gloss shine which I love.

Today I wanted to wear something bold, so I went with my new Wolford Tippi tights which are a wonderful pattern and the color is great!  I wanted to layer as well so again I wore a pair of Platino Cleancut 15 denier pantyhose on top for that nice high gloss shine.  I decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping, and ended up stopping by Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle to check out the hosiery department.  If you have not guessed by now, the hosiery department is my favorite department in the whole store!  I love hosiery and everything about it!  Wearing fashion hose and tights makes me happy and is something that I truly enjoy!  I have dealt with depression for several years now, and have had quite a roller coaster of a ride.  I even tried to commit Suicide at one point in my life.  This is why I am wearing fashion hose/tights due to the fact that it is something that I am passionate about and it makes me happy.
While I was at Nordstrom, I manage to pick up two new pairs of tights!  I got a pair of Oroblu Diamonds tights in black, they have a glitter effect to them.  I also got a pair of Wolford Tilla tights.  I hope to wear these in the next week or so and post pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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