Sunday, January 25, 2015

Interview with Andrea of Sencillamente Ideal

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I have yet another interview today this time with the lovely Andrea of the blog Sencillamente Ideal.  She was kind enough to send me photos showing how she styles hosiery with her outfits, and I think she does a great job!  From black opaque to sheer, she does a wonderful job incorporating tights into her outfits!  Even in the outfit with leggings, she does a good job on styling them with her outfit.  I also love the shoes she pairs with her outfits, and think they go really well with the tights and leggings!

1. How often do you wear pantyhose/tights and do you wear them year round?

I only use tights in winter. The rest of the year only use it in any fashion that force me to wear. In winter I use when I wear a skirt or dress. That is usually about 3 times a week or so.

2. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?

Many, too. I have always saved if Acasol. Now I have 25 or 30 different styles. The ones I have are more bushy black.

3. What is your favorite pair that you own and pair you wear most often?

My favorite pair is reaching the thigh and has a black strip back from top to bottom. Those I use to fix some more.
The one I use most often are the dense blacks for the day I find very comfortable.

4. What is your favorite hosiery brand(s) and why?

I do not have a favorite but lately, I turn to Calzedonia for their deals.

5. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case of getting a run?

When I wear thick black not because they are very strong but when I wear pantyhose other it does take other case I need them.

6. How do you like to style your hosiery with your outfits? Any advice for others on how to style them?

I have some in blue or brown but always resort to the black color, either dark or light, with details or smooth, because I think the most elegant and combining with everything.

7. What are your thoughts on the trend of bare legs that seems to be so widespread?

I've only been half in winter and cold. If I could not take ever because I like the effect of the legs. It is true that the means are another complement and often help an outfit more beautiful. They are very sexy. But If I could have tanned legs round and not so cold I would avoid in the most possible.

8. What are your thoughts about pantyhose/tights being worn by both men and women? There are even hosiery brands like Emilio Cavallini which make tights for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. Also French hosiery manufacturer Gerbe, made some with a fly opening. What are your thoughts on this new trend in tights and legwear?

The leggings for women are a big advantage. They are comfortable, feel good and are fashionable. For men do not like so much. It depends on the style of the person can make it well but I am not in favor of it. It does not seem smart to man. I do not really like patterned tights, at most circles for women. I do not risk.

9. If a person said that they thought pantyhose were hot, itchy and uncomfortable what would you say to them?

If they are of good quality and it's cold I doubt they can think that. But I guess there are people who do not like or that bothers them. Their taste in everything.

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