Monday, January 19, 2015

Interview with Eva of De Sastre by Pitufa

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Today I have another interview, this time with the lovely Eva of the blog De Sastre by Pitufa. Here are a few photos she was kind enough to send me, showing how she styles hosiery with her outfits.  I must say I love them, and think she does a great job in styling hosiery with her outfits!

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose / tights? I use half always
2. How often do you wear pantyhose / tights and do not use them all year? The use during the colder months. December, January, February
3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection? 30 pairs
4. What is your favorite pair of your property? A black 50 Den
5. What is your go to pair you use most often? Black 50 Den
6. What is your favorite brand of hosiery (s)? Calzedonia
7. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case you get a run? Yes

Do you prefer:
8. Matte or glossy? matte
9. The reasons or plain hosiery? plain hosiery
10. Skintone tones or other colors? other colors
11. opaque or pure? opaque

12. What are your thoughts on Pantyhose / Tights being used by both men and women? There are even brands like Emilio Cavallini hosiery making stockings for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. French hosiery manufacturer also Gerbe, made some with a fly opening. What are your thoughts on this new trend in stockings and hosiery?
I think everyone uses the clothes he likes. If a man wants to wear tights combine certainly know.

I think a fun trend that lets you play with fashion.

13. Being who lives in Spain Do you realize if the women in your area tend to go bare legs or do they wear stockings? Most women wear stockings.

14. If someone who knew nothing of Pantyhose / Tights came to you for advice about 5-10 pairs to achieve, what do you recommend them? Something to exit, and also some work. Black stockings is always a good choice.

15. If a person says that they thought were hot pantyhose, itching and discomfort what would you say to them? You should try a different brand of pantyhose.

16. What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of using socks / stockings for you? It allows me to use socks and shorts in winter without getting cold.

17. What advice would you give to other women about how to style her pantyhose / tights? Seeking the model realze figure. How you style them?

18. How did you get to wear tights / stockings? The use since childhood because they are very comfortable.

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