Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Cecilia de Rafael Fashion tights

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would show you the new fashion tights I got which are all Cecilia de Rafael. 

First are the Brazilia tights which are 80 denier and very much a unique pair, that makes quite a statement!

Next up is the Rombell tights which are 40 denier and have a diamond pattern. They are in shade Castoro which appears to be brown.

 Next up is the Deco tights which are 15 denier, and they have a unique line pattern that goes around the legs.  These are in verde agua.

Next up is the Hiena tights, which are 60 denier and are in Gris.  They are animal print and I think are very cool looking!

Next is the Camouflage tights which are 70 denier and unlike any pair I have seen before.  I had to get these when I saw them.

Next up is the Estela tights.  I have to say I love the box they come in!  It gives the feeling that the tights are luxurious and elegant! These are 90 denier, and in the shade Cobre which is a brown shade.

Finally are the Link tights, which also have the wonderful box!  This pair is 70 denier and in the shade verde.  

I must say that I cannot wait to try out these new tights!!



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