Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Cecilia de Rafael Link Tights

Hi Everyone,

I finally wore my new Cecilia de Rafael Link tights I got last week!  I got them in the color Verde, and they are 70 denier.  They have a really cool, unique pattern which has the green, with alternating black and gold squares mixed in.  From farther away it looks like a checkered pattern, but up close you can see four black lines running vertical in each of those squares, while the other ones have four horizontal gold lines with space in between the horizontal line that shows that it is not one solid line.  I think they look amazing on the legs and I love the patter very much.  They feel very durable, and are great for the cooler weather!  They are also wonderful for brightening up your outfit when you put them on!  These tight are also very comfortable to wear and would be a great way to add some a fun pattern and color to you wardrobe!

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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