Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gabriella Abby Tights

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to be doing another review of yet another pair of Gabriella tights, this style is called Abby, and they are a black and blue color scheme which I think looks amazing!  Gabriella was kind enough to send me these tights to review and I really appreciate it!  They don't say the denier on them, but I would guess they would be around 50 denier or so.  The pattern is very unique as it is almost like geometric with bands going around the legs it is hard to say exactly what they are like as I have not seen anything quite like this on a pair of tights, but I do love the way they look.  The felt like a decent pair of tights that would hold up fairly well to numerous wearings and they were very comfortable to wear I must say.  I would say these tights would be great for adding a bit of pattern and color to any outfit and making the legs stand out!
I would recommend these tights to others as I think people would like the way the look and feel on the legs.  

While Gabriella did send me these tights to review, the review is still my own.

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Comfort4Men Luxury Tights and Linkup with Top of the World Style

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce another review, this time of a brand I have never tried before out of Germany called Comfort4Men They exclusively make tights for men which I think is Amazing!  Even though I wear all types of tights no matter if they are made for men, I think that making tights for men and something that will be practical for them is a big plus!  They have such a selection it is hard to go through it all.  They offer tights with support or without support at the beginning, and then you have choices of Opaque, Luxury, Luxury with Airy Gusset, Transparent and finally Warm.  The lowest denier they have is 17 and the highest appear to be their strong support tights at 140 denier.  The airy gusset appears to be one with mesh in that area to provide air to pass through with more ease, otherwise they are offered with a fly opening which I find to be amazing!  They also have an option of high waist and low waist tights.

The pair I was sent to review are C427M, Luxury tights 60 denier, velvety mutifibre, with low waist and fly opening in the shade Graphit.  This particular style is only offered in black or graphit, however other styles have an array of shades they are offered in so feel free to check it out on their site!
I was sent a size 6 in these and they are so comfortable I would sleep in them!  They are very smooth and provide very great coverage on the legs!  They did a pretty good job on being completely opaque throughout on the legs as some tights will say opaque and then when you put them on they are not completely opaque at the thighs or even when you sit down at the knees.  There was a little bit of stretch in the fabric at the knees when sitting down but still did a great job on being opaque and offering a nice color on the legs.  The color is Graphit which is a nice gray color and one that I don't have many tights in which is very nice!  The waistband is very nice, and of course the the fly is great!  They make their tights in Germany which I think is great as I see all to often people make their tights in places where workers may not be treated as fairly and that is not something I can support.  I noticed that on the website that they describe them as being a matte finish, and while this is true that they are not shiny like other tights, the light hit them and I noticed a slight sheen from that.  I think they would be a durable pair of tights due to the fact that they are 60 denier and they feel like they are good quality.  I really do love them as they are so comfortable and the fabric is very nice and soft.  I would definitely recommend these tights to others and I think it would be worth the time to check out the other styles as I would have to say they are probably just as nice.  I think being that their tights are made for men, it would be great for an extra layer during the winter months, especially when doing outdoor activities like skiing or snowmobiling.  I did not wear these underneath jeans, so I cannot say how well they work with jeans as sometimes tights have the habit of not gliding as well against the jeans depending on the make up of the tights, I would wager that the transparent tights would do really well just because they are sheer and probably silkier.  I should note that while it may be something that I do notice when wearing sheer tights versus more opaque and coarse tights underneath pants or jeans, it does not make them less comfortable to wear.  It is more of my preference and what I have found.  

While Comfort4Men did send me these tights to review, the review is still my own. I want to thank Comfort4Men for kindly sending me these tights to review!

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