Monday, August 25, 2014

Hosiery Season Wear

Wearing hosiery is something that is usually associated with colder weather and mainly during the fall and winter months. These days this is absolutely not true as there is hosiery out there for the different seasons and thus can make wearing hosiery all year possible and a pleasure! For example, higher denier tights can be wonderful for keeping legs warm during the fall and winter months. They make tights with fibers like wool, cotton, and other blends specifically designed for the colder days of the year! If black and brown seem a bit boring to you in terms of color, there are always hosiery manufactures making very fun colors and patterns in nice opaque tights designed to keep legs nice and warm during the winter months. These tights can add a nice bit of color, brighten up the outfit and even provide a much desired texture or pattern to keep things interesting. Also during the cooler months wearing pantyhose/tights underneath pants can be a great way to keep the legs warm without being to bulky. They can be nice and smooth and make it very comfortable to wear pants.
For the inbetween days when it is somewhat cool, there are always lovely patterns that are not too thick or thin which can really make the legs stand out and spice up the outfit. I have found semi-opaque pantyhose to be perfect for this type of weather, typically about 30-40 denier. Those with a bit of sheen to them are my favorite as they add a nice gloss to the legs instead of plain matte hosiery. These days patterns can be worn most of the year in an effort to really stand out and be fashionable when it comes to legwear. For the summer there are very nice sheer pantyhose designed to keep the legs cool even when the weather is warm. The brands Cecilia de Rafael, Platino and Dusen which are from Spain do a wonderful job at making great affordable hosiery that can be worn in the summer. They usually are nice and sheer, and have a shine to them which will make the legs look amazing. They also will be sheer enough to not be too hot and provide just a hint of color on the legs which is always a plus. What type of hosiery to wear can depend on factors such as the temperature and what your day will consist of. Working in an office environment can typically mean that you will be in the air conditioning with your legs possibly subjected to this cool air for hours at a time. Hosiery can be a great way to keep yourself comfortable in this environment. Yes, it might not be as comfortable outside wearing them, but I would rather be comfortable for most of my day! The whole point is that there is hosiery that can be worn during any month and not just during winter. The lower denier pantyhose would be great for the summer, 20 denier or less. During the Winter, wearing hosiery with a denier of at least 20 would be best and on the colder days maybe tights with 50+ denier would be perfect. During the fall, you could transition from the summer hosiery into the winter hosiery. The same thing for the spring, transition from the Winter hosiery into the summer hosiery. Wearing hosiery should be comfortable and picking the right pair for the right weather and outing will keep you comfortable and enjoy wearing your hosiery.

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