Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Barbed Wire

Now it might be hard for me to choose my favorite pair of fashion hose seeing as I have about 280 pairs and I love them all, but this pair that I am wearing in the pictures I really love the way they look and feel they are very fashionable.  They are made by Emilio Cavallini and are made in Italy.  Something even more interesting is that they are made for both men and women!  They are 190 denier, and are very comfortable and warm!  This pair, I would have to say is my thickest pair of fashion which I think will be great to wear even when the weather is cold outside!  I am looking forward to the cold weather, as I bought some new shorts this year and would like to wear them with my fashion hose year round!  This specific pair of fashion hose has gotten me several comments as they are really a unique pattern that I have never seen before, with the barbed wire pattern spiralling up the leg.  

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