Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cuban heel

Here is some pictures of me trying my Nordstrom Cuban heel tights on with shorts, I also have these ones in black with red seams.  This pair is very classic and elegant with the nude hosiery with the black seam and heel.  I hope to go out with shorts and these tights on in the future.


  1. Great blog. Good to have another men's hosiery blog to read. Shall I link to you on Hosiery For Men? By the way, can you change the font for your posts - the one you are using is really hard to read.

  2. Thanks, I am trying to make this a blog about hosiery from both the male and female perspective to appeal to everyone. Feel free to link the blog to your blog. About the font, how do the other posts look. I have had this come up before, and make the font the largest possible and think that seems to help with making it easier to read. If it is too hard for people to read in the largest font, I will have to change it.