Monday, September 1, 2014

From a Woman's Point of View

Here is the second Contributor to the blog, she will be providing her thoughts, and opinions on hosiery.  From time to time, there will also be some pics she will contribute to show how they look in person, etc.  
Here is the first contribution from her:

As a woman, I have memories of hosiery that involved my grandma and mother wearing them for their Sunday best.  The ones they gave me to wear as an adolescent were not fitted properly. They were way too tight, and I never put them on correctly so they pulled.  I swear each leg was put on the wrong way- all twisted-and the material was hot, sticky, and not pretty.  I can remember counting the hours until I could take them off.  And I usually snagged them before the hours and gathering drew to a close. They were not very shiny and felt more like a chore than anything.  It was not ladylike to go without them when dressing up back them; however, I grew up.  And as the fashion changed, my generation rebelled against wearing them as often.  I finally felt constriction free!  I could breathe!  But as the years added to my life and the marks of time appeared on my legs, I have to say that the polished look definitely was missed. 

Now, I have been reintroduced to the all new and amazingly comfortable generation of "fashion hose."  This is not the hose of the previous generations.  They are beautiful as well as extremely comfortable.  There are gorgeous patterns that pull together outfits and smooth out life's imperfections.  I am learning a great deal about the lingo that helps to find the right one for the occasion; work, a night out, or an afternoon running around town. This blog has all the information from someone who is very dedicated to this topic.  If you have any questions, ask!  I have enjoyed wearing them, and I am look forward to building my collection.  A few years ago my physician recommended compression "Stockings" and instantly I felt a rebellion inside.  Now, I enjoy shopping for them.  With the right denier and fit--they are wonderful, fashionable, and my legs feel so much better--let alone are healthier with increased circulation. They are like sunscreen for your face-- compression stockings keeps legs looking healthier longer.  Especially if sitting or standing long hours is part of your job.  Try it! You will be hooked!

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