Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Experiences with fashion hose

Ever since I was a young kid, I have always loved fashion hosiery/leg wear.  I had never known what this was like as society tells us that it is not okay for guys to wear this type of stuff even though it is okay for women to wear menswear inspired outfits.  For me, my interest was not about anything "strange" as society may tell us, but strictly about the style and look--the fashion side of it.  Due to this, I will be calling it "fashion-hose" or "fashion leg wear"  from now on rather than "panty-hose" to get away from the stigma and expand people's idea of this concept. 
When I was in my teens, I started to experiment  a little more!  I would get amazon gift cards for Christmas, or my birthday  sometimes and always had the trouble of figuring out what to buy.  When I was in my senior year of high school, I remember that I  decided that I was going to buy some fashion-hose and tights for myself with my Amazon gift card.  At this point in my life, I did not know hardly anything about fashion-hosiery and did the best that I could in picking out the right size for myself.  I cannot remember exactly how many pairs that I bought, but I do know that a couple of the pairs I bought were very nice to wear.  I bought a pair of Falke hose of which I cannot remember the specific style.  I do remember that I also bought a pair of Pretty Polly Italia hose and wore those with the Falke one evening.  I could not believe how smooth and nice they felt on my legs!  Sadly this stage in my life did not last.  I did not keep those pairs more than a few months and was back to no fashion-hose/tights.  I went through my college years without hosiery of any kind.  Just admired them on others.  
I remember that in the fall of 2011, I went into Nordstrom looking for some nice fashion-hose/tights.  I woke up early one Saturday morning and went there as soon as they opened.  When I was there, I was very nervous as I felt out of place and unsure of what people would think and how I would be treated.  I found about three pairs that I thought would be nice to try and went up to the register and bought them.  I never said they were for me or anything like that.  The same day I was out in the city and ventured into the Nordstrom store there also visiting the hosiery department and ended up with a few more pairs before heading home.  I was at home and could not wait to try on my new hosiery.  I tried a pair or two on and could not believe how nice and soft they were!  They were mostly European brands and now I could see why people would want to wear them!  I had to have more!  I continue to venture in to Nordstrom and see what else they had that I did not have, I would browse nervously as I was uncomfortable buying such things in person.  This went on for a few months.  Finally, I discovered the world of online hosiery shops in the beginning of 2012.  I saw there were so many brands and styles to choose from all over Europe!  I slowly started picking pairs out and giving them a try to see if I liked them or not.  Needless to say I really enjoyed this as I have been buying numerous pairs since I first started.  I was able to find brands that I really like and styles that I think are wonderful to wear.  I would wear these new styles underneath my pants.  This continued for about 1.5 years until the summer of 2013.  I finally decided I wanted to wear shorts, but with fashion hose.  I wore my shorts and found a sheer 15 denier pair with some shine to them.  I was very nervous and uncomfortable with wearing them out.   Back to pants I went.  In the winter of 2014, I wore blue tights with shorts. This time I was still very nervous and uncomfortable.  Not to long after, I found some tights made for men with a barbed wire pattern on them.  Once I got these, I knew they had to be worn with shorts.  I was a little more comfortable in these, and have gotten compliments when wearing them.  I also got some with skulls on them as well.  
I have had problems with my depression, and fashion leg wear is something that I enjoy and helps me deal with this depression.  My depression got pretty bad again, so I decided it was time to make an appointment to see a therapist.  I had an appointment at the beginning of April to see a new therapist whom I hadn't seen before.  This time it was a woman, and I had never been to a female therapist before so I was really thinking that I would have to open up to her and tell her all about my passion for fashion leg wear!   Before my appointment I had worn fashion tights with shorts a few times, but was not very comfortable with it.  The day of the Appointment, I wore my Camo shorts, with my barbed wire fashion tights!  I knew that if I had trouble bringing up my love for hosiery, and wearing them as well, my tights would be a dead giveaway.  I wore them and did not receive any reaction at first, a little surprised.  But as the session went on, I was almost like a deer in the headlights as I tried to think of a way to say I like wearing fashion hose/tights.  I looked down at them and touched them and just said it.  I never had anything negative said.  I found someone who was actually cool with me wearing them.  I could not believe it!  I went to my future appointments on a weekly basis and always made it a point to wear some sort of fashion hose/tights to my appointment.  Before seeing this therapist, I would hardly ever wear patterns.  She suggested, that she thought I might be able to get away with patterns more than just plain hose to lean more towards the fashion side of things. I heeded this advice and really started to browse for more patterns.  It was after this, I really just started buying patterns as I had enough basic plain pairs to last me a long time!  I always tried to wear a nice pair in to show off the variety out there as she was not one to wear fashion leg wear more often!  Every time, I always received kind words and compliments and questions asking how they felt to wear?, etc.  It was in this time period that I was able to be more comfortable in my own skin and wear fashion leg wear whenever I please, and just be myself.  The fact that she never bats an eyelash or thinks less of me because I wear them just means so much to me! I may not wear them forever, but right now I really enjoy wearing them, and thanks to my wonderful therapist who has been so supportive and understanding, I have been able to be more comfortable wearing fashion hose/tights in public and I will even admit that I am buying them for myself!  Most likely, I will be wearing fashion hose/tights out when I am buying them so that would be the giveaway as to who they are really for.  I really wish more people were like her as things would be so much better for all of us who struggle to fit it and find our place in this world!  The best part of the story is that little old me was able to share my knowledge of hosiery with someone whom really did not wear any at all, and now appreciates them and the fashion style they can bring to an outfit, especially the patterned ones. 
During the summer, I have mainly worn sheer, shiny hose.  Now that I have a larger collection of patterned fashion hose and tights thanks to my therapist and view them as part of a fashionable and hip part of an outfit.  As you can see from the photos- they are very young and cool looking.  Living in an urban environment lends itself to expressing one in nontraditional ways.  I cannot wait for the cooler weather to start wearing them more often.  I absolutely love wearing my patterns now and cannot believe what I was missing out on before and owe it all to my wonderful therapist!!!

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