Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday's Outfit

Yesterday I went out and since it was supposed to be very warm I knew that wearing shorts and a sheer pair of fashion hose would be a must.  The first pair I wore were the Platino Total Confort in either 15 or 20 denier, and they are very nice to wear.  They are very soft, smooth and have a nice shine to them especially when in the sunlight.  I would recommend these as they are great for the warmer weather.  I wore them with my camo shorts, Puma shoes and Ecko Rhino Shirt.

I decided to change fashion hose before dinner, and ended up wearing Cecilia de Rafael New Malindi 15 which are 15 denier and have a brief top and are therefore not sheer to the waist.  This being said,  the brief part is still very comfortable and not a control top which can be a little too constricting.  These are a nice pair of hosiery which have a little bit of shine to them and are wonderful for the warmer weather as well.  They also have a reinforced toe which I always feel is a nice little feature as to not put your toes right through the hosiery.    After wearing these, I am convinced I should get another pair or two! 


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