Monday, September 1, 2014

What Can Hosiery Do For You?

Here is the pics from the second contributor.  She took two pics, one of them shows how nice the hosiery look on her legs and they look so smooth and polished.  This is the first one where she has hosiery on both legs:

This is the second picture with the left leg having hosiery on it, while the right leg is bare.  As you can see from the picture, the left leg appears to be smoother and has a little sheen to it.  The hosiery just smooths things out nicely to give a flawless look!  Me personally, I prefer my legs in hosiery versus the bare legs as the hosiery just makes them look better.

If you are curious to know what brand of hosiery she is wearing, they are Aristoc 15 denier support knee-highs.  They have graduated compression to help with the circulation in the legs.  Also, in the sunlight they have a nice shine to them which really makes the legs pop!  Indoors, the shine is a little more subtle.

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