Friday, November 7, 2014

Why I like Fashion Hose and tights.

The reason that I like fashion hose and tights is because I really love what it can do to the legs in terms of looks and feel.  You can wear basic sheer ones to go for a more makeup look, or ones that are very shiny that say here I am!  There are all sorts of wonderful patterns and colors as well.  You can also get nice thick opaque tights for the winter  and in the summer go with pantyhose that are so sheer they are barely noticeable.  The reason that I enjoy wearing them is because I love the way they feel on my legs and the way that they look!  I love ones that are nice and shiny, love great patterns and fun colors!  There is so  much variety and I love exploring and trying new brands and styles.  Personally I think my legs look much better when in some sort of fashion hose or tights, even if they are skintone shades, preferably shiny.  This is something that I really like and enjoy, and it also makes me happy. 

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