Sunday, December 7, 2014

Interview with Delphine of Drosebonbon

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Today I am pleased to say that I have another interview, this time with the lovely Delphine of the blog Drosebonbon.  She lives in France, and I think she has a great sense of style and puts together some amazing outfits.  I also really love the way she styles and incorporates hosiery into her outfits.  She was kind enough to send me a few pictures showing how she styles pantyhose/tights with her outfits.  I must say that I love all three outfits!  I love the combination of the red booties and sheer black patterned tights in the first one.  I also love the other two pairs of tights she is wearing and love the bows all over the legs!  The outfits look great!

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose / tights? I have been wearing tights from very young age, as soon as I was a baby and since it never left me.

2. How often do you wear pantyhose / tights and you wear all year round?
I wear mainly in winter, from October to March-April.

3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
I have about 40 pairs of tights, but this is variable.

4. What is your favorite pair you own?
I'm a fan of my pair Chantal Thomas with small bows on the legs.

5. What is your go to pair you wear most often?
I often wear those gams box, they are so elegant and pretty.

6. What is your favorite brand of hosiery (s)?
Wolford, Chantal Thomas and gambette box

7. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case of getting a run?
And no, I have to change when it is has a fun and damaged I replace it with another one.

Would you rather:
8. Matte or gloss? rather Gloss
9. Patterns or hosiery Plain? Patterns
10. shades of skin color or other colors? rather black
11. Opaque or pure? Opaque

12. What are your thoughts on pantyhose / tights are worn by men and women? There are even hosiery brands like Emilio Cavallini making tights for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. Also French manufacturer Gerbe, made some with fly opening. What are your thoughts about this new trend in pantyhose and tights?
I love originality, I admit that men's tights surprise me yet, but why not.

13. Being that you are living in France. do you notice if the women in your area tend to go bare legs or do they wear hosiery? My region of Languedoc has a mild climate, but we also carry tights winter and fantasy grows increasingly.

14. If someone who knew nothing pantyhose / tights come looking for advice on 5-10 pairs for, what would you recommend to them? Something for going out, and something for work.
To leave nothing beats a timeless black with a thin line at the rear. For the work that goes for all the world is an opaque black tights 40 denier or less. But certainly not of the flesh color.

15. If someone said they thought were hot, itchy and uncomfortable what about them?
Tights are absolute comfort in winter, but you have to choose the right material.

16. What do you think are the pros and cons of wearing pantyhose / tights if necessary positive note: the elegance, shapely leg. The downside may be the fragility of some ...

17. What advice do you have for other women on how to style their pantyhose / tights? What style do you? The tights finish an outfit.

18. How do you style pantyhose / tights? I wear my tights with my dresses, my shorts, my skirts, always a touch of whimsy.

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