Monday, December 15, 2014

Interview with Lourdes from Mi Vestido Azul

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Tonight I am pleased to announce another interview with Lourdes of the blog Mi Vestido Azul.  I really like her style and think she does a great job at putting together outfits.  She sent me a few photos showing how she styles hosiery with her outfits, and I must say I really love the first two photos as you can hardly tell she is wearing any hosiery at all.  For me I think it really completes the outfit and pulls everything together!  I also like the black tights as well since they are a great option on almost any occasion!

1. How long have you been wearing pantyhose / tights?
I usually wear stockings, pantyhose do not like very much, I find a little uncomfortable. Since childhood my mother taught me that you had to wear tights because more stylized legs.

2. How often do you wear pantyhose / tights and what you wear all year?
I use half almost throughout the year. The summer months do not wear tights because I like to wear skin and boast outdoor tanning. In fall / winter I usually use thicker than the rest of the year tights.

3. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
I have an obsession for wearing black stockings. It may certainly be in my closet about 6 types of black tights: with spots, golden studs, grid, lace, etc. I also use colored tights and brown, navy or purple.

4. What is your favorite pair of your property?
My favorite are some black tights with small golden studs.

5. What is your go to pair that you wear most often?
I usually use black pantyhose/tights almost daily for my dress to go to work because I usually wear dresses or suits jacket.

6. What is your favorite brand of hosiery (s)?
Certainly Marie Claire, have a great quality and very good value for money.

Do you prefer:
8. Matte or glossy? matte
9. Patterns or plain hosiery? Patterns
10. Skintone tones or other colors? other colors
11. Opaque or pure? opaque

12. What are your thoughts on pantyhose / tights being used by both men and women? There are even brands like Emilio Cavallini hosiery making stockings for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. French hosiery manufacturer also Gerbe, made some with an opening fly. What are your thoughts on this new trend in stockings and hosiery?
I personally believe that the tights are not very successful for man. Do not know any male person around me to buy tights. Maybe if you wear tights are cyclists, but do not know about this topic.

13. Being who lives in Spain Do you realize if the women in your area tend to go bare legged or do they wear pantyhose/tights?
The Spanish women usually wear pantyhose, some even in summer.

14. In Spain, what is the proper protocol for wearing pantyhose / tights? For example in the workplace, out on the town, weddings, etc. Here in the United States have taken over bare legs and even in the workplace is normal for most women who go without socks of any kind.
In Spain women often wear pantyhose for work. On special occasions, such as weddings, etc, often go without pantyhose.

15. If someone who knew nothing about pantyhose / tights came to you for advice about 5-10 pairs to achieve, what do you recommend them? Something to go out, and also something for work.
My recommendation is to wear pantyhose forever, except in the summer when it's warmer. I think the tights stylized legs and look nicer and hides cellulite and blemishes.

16. What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of wearing pantyhose / tights in your opinion?
The advantages are: are aesthetically beautiful and conceal imperfections.
Disadvantages: may cause irritation of the feet.

17. What advice would you give to other women about how to style her pantyhose / tights? How you style them?
That averages buy according to their dress and with whom they feel comfortable. If you do not like the reasons, opting to buy stockings of solid colors.

18. How did you get in wearing pantyhose / tights?
Since childhood my mother taught me to wear tights with dresses and skirts. I guess the habit of doing and what we are taught in childhood.

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    1. My pleasure, I appreciate you doing the interview very much. Thanks!!

  2. love the style lour mi vestido azul! i like very much an interview! than you!

  3. Loving her style! She's donning nude tights... I've gotta get me a pair of those you recommended, J! Hugs, T.