Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Oroblu Diamonds Tights

Good evening,

I just bought these Oroblu Diamonds tights at Nordstrom on Sunday.  I could not wait to try them on!  They are 40 denier, and that is apparent as they are not opaque, but semi-opaque.  These are not the softest pair that I own, but I will admit they itched for a moment after first putting them on.  Wearing them for longer was definitely not a problem as I love the way they look so very much and turns out they were more comfortable than I had thought they would be.  I love the fact that they are sheer black with silver glitter appearance!  I just absolutely love the way they make my legs look so very much!!!  I highly recommend these to anyone looking to add some eye catching legwear to their wardrobe!  I love how shiny they get in the light!

Have a good night,


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