Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Camouflage and More

Hi Everyone,

I wore my new camouflage tights by Cecilia de Rafael out today.  I love them very much!  They are 70 denier, but don't feel as thick as other tights of the same denier.  I attribute this to the fact that the pattern is very unique as they are unlike any other tights I have!  They have a little bit of black throughout them which I am guessing is the base yarn for the tights and the other colors are somehow woven in during the process of making them.  They get high marks for me as they feel very durable, and comfortable!

Next up are the Hilda tights by Cecilia de Rafael. They are 40 denier and have an animal striped pattern on them.  Being the pattern is not completely opaque, they are not the warmest pair of tights I own.  I do however really love the way the pattern looks when on the legs and feel that a good pair of patterned tights is sometimes worth wearing over a pair of plain opaques!  I was very surprised at how soft they were, since I knew what the pattern was when I bought them.  Money well spent!

Last up is the Daphne tights by Cecilia de Rafael.  They are shiny which is one of my favorite things and also in a grey shade which I love, especially when there is a shine.  They have a very intricate diamond pattern which is a little hard to make out from the photos.  I would say that these are a great pair to dress up an outfit, especially for going out.  They are 60 denier, but don't feel as thick compared to the coral 60 tights by Cecilia de Rafael.  I really like this pair and the way they look on the legs.

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