Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brand New Wolford Image tights!

Hi Everyone,

This weekend I came across a pair of Wolford tights that I had not seen anything else like before.  I really loved the way they looked and had to have them!  I got myself a pair on Sunday, with the combination of Black and Sahara.  The right leg has the appearance of black opaque, while the left leg is sheer and nude!  This is so cool as these tights are definitely unique and a statement piece.  While the colors don't seem to be very wild, the fact that one leg is covered in opaque black while the other is sheer nude is quite a statement and unique.  They are also offered with a sheer black leg instead of the nude.  They have a 20 denier appearance according to the package.  I must say the opaque leg feels very durable and while the nude leg feels more delicate and proper care needs to be taken towards putting this pair on as they have the sheer leg which would be more likely to get a run if you rush to get them on fast!  I love the way they feel and they are super comfortable to wear!!  The nude leg has a little bit of a shine to it in the light, but is not too shiny and could be considered a little more subtle!  I cannot wait to wear this pair again as I like to be able to make a statement and these do just that!! Even though they are 65 dollars, I highly recommend these if you want to make a statement with your outfits!

Hope you enjoyed the post,