Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Interview with Charlotte of Captain Ch-ARGH-ley's Fashion Blog

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I have another interview this time with the lovely Charlotte of the blog:  Captain Ch-ARGH-ley's Fashion Blog.  She is from the U.K. and I think she has a wonderful sense of style.  She sent me these photos showing how she styles tights with her outfits, and I must say I think she does a wonderful job.  I love the color of the tights in the second outfit and think they go well with the dress and boots! The first ones is a great use of a nice sheer black pair!  I also love the last outfit and love the color of the shoes and skirt and think the tights really enhance the outfit!!!

My name's Charlotte, AKA Captain Charghley. I love all things vintage and nautical, so hosiery is a big part of my wardrobe, especially the 60's style brightly coloured tights! I can't remember the youngest I was since wearing hosiery, I'm pretty sure I popped out of the womb in some sort of knitted pair of tights... I wear hosiery mainly to keep my legs warm (it gets awfully cold here in England), but I have also found that switching the colour or pattern of tights in an outfit, can give it a totally different look.

1. I wear tights most days (probably 5/7 days) and do tend to wear them all year round, unless it's extremely hot, which doesn't happen too often over here.

2. I have way too many in my collection to even count! There is a whole suitcase just full of tights of all different thickness, colours, patterns and designs.

3. My favourite pair has to be my navy anchor tights which I bought from New Look a few years ago. I'm really impressed with how long they've lasted. I tend to just wear plain black the most as I'm usually in a rush to get ready in the morning and they go with anything.

4. I don't really have a favourite brand as I wear tights so often, I just end up buying loads from Primark as they're cheap. If I wanted something a little bit different then House of Holland would be my first choice. Pretty Polly also have some great designs and last a long time too.

5. If I'm wearing a nude pair for a special ocassion (like a wedding), I usually will have a spare pair in my bag as these tights are normally a lot thinner and so the risk of getting a ladder is higher. A girls always got to be prepared!!

6. I love matching colours together. If you've got a dress which features a few different colours, you can wear it tights in all the different colours which means 1 dress that gives a variety of outfits. When the weather gets really cold, I love to layer knee high socks over the top of tights. You can alternate the colours, so that means even more outfit ideas!

7. If you fell comfortable enough going bare legged then go for it! I'm always a little self conscious of flashing my knickers, so tend to always wear tights if my dress/skirt is quite short.
8. I think these are fab! We're living in an age now whereby it is seen as more 'acceptable' for men to wear womens clothing, and vice versa, so these brands making these womens garments designed specifically for men to wear and feel more comfortable in is a nod in the right direction. If men want to wear tights, then let them wear tights, if a woman wants to wear a tie, then so she should. We shouldn't be living in a World where your clothing is dictated by your gender. It's way more fun to mix things up!
10. If you find wearing tights hot and itchy, maybe trying wearing different brands and different materials (nylon, cotton, lycra) or you could go for leggings which are thicker and more like wearing stretchy trousers. Alternatively, no one says you must wear tights, so if your find wearing them uncomfortable, then don't wear them :)

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