Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reverse side of CdR Estela tights and new Brazilia tights

Hi Everyone,

I finally wore my new Brazilia tights by Cecilia de Rafael today.  I love them!  They look amazing on the legs and I really love how the pattern is so unique and colorful.  They are 80 denier and feel that they are very durable.  They are very comfortable and feel wonderful to wear all day.  I decided to try and dress things up by wearing my black Kenneth Cole shoes with my black shorts!  I think the outfit turned out very nice!
I think these tights are a great way to add some color and pattern to your outfits and wardrobe.  I don't think these would be tights for work, but for going out and making a statement, they are perfect!

The other day I finally wore my new Cecilia de Rafael Estela tights with the reverse side showing, and I must say they look very nice on the reverse side as well!  They are not as flashy as the other side, but I really love the the the pattern looks with the lines running through the legs in a wild manner!

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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  1. Great statement tights, and Kenneth Cole is a fave of mine! T.