Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fogal Rigato Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I wore the new Fogal Rigato Tights I got last week.  They are 20 denier with vertical stripes running down the leg, all the way around.  They have the Fogal waistband, and feel amazing to wear!  They are very soft, smooth and have a slight sheen to them.  This pair is in the shade Plage which is a skintone shade, similar to nude.  I think this pair would be great for the warmer weather as they are not too thick, and do allow the legs to be seen. They also have a reinforced toe.   I would recommend being careful when putting them on and taking them off as they are 20 denier and feel like they are delicate. 

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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  1. The stripes are an elegant touch! It's always fun wearing new items. :) T.