Sunday, March 1, 2015

Interview with Jeni of @JeniML93 on Twitter

Hi Everyone,

I am very pleased to announce another interview with the lovely Jeni of
@JeniML93 on Twitter.  She lives down in the Texas, Louisiana area.  I thought she has a great sense of style and some great shoes as well!  I love it when person completes their outfits with hosiery and a nice pair of shoes!

She kindly sent me this photo of herself wearing a pair of Fogal tights:  I think they go really well with the outfit and love the shoes as well!

I love the Seamed Fogal tights she is wearing in the second outfit!  They look amazing on her and I love the design at the back of the heel!  The shoes and dress go great with the tights.

Here is the interview:

1. How often do you wear pantyhose/tights and do you wear them year round?
I do wear them all year, of course more in fall/winter. 2/3 times a week
2. How many pairs do you currently have in your collection?
Never counted. More than 20.
3. What is your favorite pair that you own and pair you wear most often?
Don't have just one favorite. More about how it compliments outfit. I'll go purchase a pair just for the outfit, may never wear again unless I wear that outfit again. 
4. What is your favorite hosiery brand(s) and why?
 Fogal, make me feel sexy
5. Do you keep a spare pair with you in case of getting a run?
 Yes, pending on where I am or going to.
6. How do you like to style your hosiery with your outfits? Any advice for others on how to style them?
Color & texture are the most important when styling. Also I think about if I want my legs to be the focus or will they be the accent.  Advice, would to not be scared to step outta the norm. I always have ladies tell me they could never wear what I wear. They love my outfits, but feel they can't pull it off. It's about confidence & feeling great in what you have on. 

7. What are your thoughts on the trend of bare legs that seems to be so widespread?
I don't mind bare legs. It gets very hot where I live so sometimes hosiery is not comfortable. But again, it's about the total outfit to me!

8. What are your thoughts about pantyhose/tights being worn by both men and women? There are even hosiery brands like Emilio Cavallini which make tights for men with barbed wire, and even skulls on them. Also French hosiery manufacturer Gerbe, made some with a fly opening. What are your thoughts on this new trend in tights and legwear?
Whatever floats people's boats!

9. If a person said that they thought pantyhose were hot, itchy and uncomfortable what would you say to them? 
 They aren't buying the right kind. You buy cheap, you get cheap...

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  1. Great interview! Love the dress, tights and shoes Jeni is sporting! T.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you liked the post!