Friday, October 14, 2016

Maison Close 70 Denier Stockings

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start out by thanking the fine folks at Maison Close for sending me these stockings to try! This is my first time trying stockings like this and first time reviewing any for the blog. They are very nice and I think they are a great pair for anyone who is looking for a nice plain pair of stockings.  This pair is 70 denier so they definitely feel more durable and I was not worried about them getting a run while putting them on.  They don't have a reinforced heel or toe which to me was not a big deal as the fact they are 70 denier, I don't think they will be too likely too run that easily.  They are matte and this pair was in black so they are great for work, going out, etc.  They feel very soft and smooth to the touch!  Just remember that these do require a garter belt as they don't have any way to stay up.  The top rolls down, but with a garter belt, this should not be an issue.

When taking photos I did have on a pair of red tights underneath in order to not show my bare legs.

While Maison Close did send me the tights to review, the review is still my own!

Have a good one.


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