Monday, October 10, 2016

Platino Cleancut 15

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce the review of the Platino Cleancut 15 Denier tights.  Platino was kind enough to send me them to review and I am so thankful!  This is one of the most highly Regarded pairs that I know of.  Now I know they had some trouble in the past which is why they were unavailable for about 2 years.  I had read before that these would not be quite the same as the previous ones.  To a true lover of hosiery that would definitely be disappointing as the first ones were amazing.  I initially felt the Cleancuts and they did not feel quite the same as the original pair, not quite as slippery and smooth.  That being said, I still think the cleancut 15 that I tried were amazing to wear, have a nice shine, very soft and smooth.  I think they are hands down better than any of the styles available in department stores in the U.S. Yeah, they might not quite the same as the original, not the same, but I think people can nitpick about anything which is unfortunate as they are still a great pair!  They are 15 denier, so they are nice and sheer, and would be great for the summer, and warmer weather as they would not be too warm.  They do have a nice shine which I really think enhances the legs nicely and gives them a nice smooth, flawless appearance!  They do have a laser cut waistband which is definitely nice as it will not dig in and be uncomfortable.  They are delicate as I would expect since they are sheer and a 15 denier.  I would definitely recommend this pair to anyone as I think they would enjoy wearing them and love them.

I just wanted to say that while Platino did send me the tights, the review is still my own.

Hope you have a good one,


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