Saturday, October 1, 2016

Platino Premium 60 Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to do another review of a great Platino Product which they were so generous enough of to send me to review.
This pair is from their Premium line, and the packaging is the first thing that I noticed that seemed to set them apart from the rest. I really love the packaging on this pair as they really look so elegant and classy!  This pair was a 60 denier pair, but the range has 20 denier all the way up to 150 denier.  This particular pair is offered in a variety of colors fun and bright to more basic black and brown.  The pair they sent me was in the shade Caoba, which upon pulling them out of the package seems to be a nice brown shade like chocolate. They are very nice and the size was a 5, so it fit very nice. the size 5 has a back panel for added comfort which is something that I have found can be very nice .  Being that I still am not feeling so well, I decided to have this pair as my base layer underneath the Platino Luxe Fata!  Let me tell you this was amazing as it kept me so nice and warm on this dreary day!  I noticed that this pair was not quite as thick as the Luxe Fata which is okay, depending on the weather and the look you are going for.  Let me say they were very comfortable to wear and felt great on!  The waistband is a nice one in that it is not too narrow and does not seem like it will roll down and constrict at all.  They also have a reinforced toe which is also subtle.  I think this is amazing especially since you can have the added protection of the reinforced toe without having to worry about what footwear you can wear with them as it blends in so nicely! They are not shiny, like the Luxe Fata, but I still really like them as the quality seems to be so great.  These would be perfect for any outfit especially when the weather is cooler as they provide good coverage and are offered in an array of colors to choose from!  I would definitely recommend these to others as they are a very nice pair of tights.  

Just a Note that even though Platino sent me these to review, The reviews are my own.  

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