Sunday, October 2, 2016

Platino Total Confort 40 Tights

Hi Everyone,

I am back doing another review of a Platino Product, and let me say this pair was amazing! They were kind enough to send me this pair to review.  They are the Total Confort 40 denier Tights and they have an adjustable waistband.  They were so soft and silky when I pulled them out of the package and have tried this style in the past and had forgotten how nice they are!  The amazing thing about this pair is that the waistband can be worn high or low depending on your personal preference and it is so comfortable while wearing.  They also have a reinforced toe which is great for prevent the toes going right through.  They are 40 denier and feel pretty durable, but are definitely not as thick as the premium 60 tights and this pair is what I would consider Semi-Opaque.  The color I was sent was Grafito which is more of a dark gray, smoke Color.  I would definitely recommend this pair to others as I think people would really love the adjustable waistband, and how comfortable it is along with the fact the fabric is so soft, smooth and silky.  

I would just like to say that while Platino sent me this pair to review, the review is still my own.

Have a good one,


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