Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review of Trasparenze Adventure Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce another review of a brand which I love Trasparenze, and this style is the Adventure tights which I love!  They are plain black opaque on the inner leg and the outer leg is animal print.  Each Leg is in essence half opaque and half animal print which is very cool and unique in my opinion.  The amazing people at Papilio sent me this pair to review and I want to thank them very much!  

As for the tights, on Papilio's website it says they are 100 denier, so that is the only information I have regarding denier as the packaging does not state anything of the sort.  They feel very nice as I would expect from Trasparenze tights.  The one side is smooth opaque and the other is a knitted pattern so it is very interesting and cool.  The knitted animal pattern reminds me of the Australia tights Trasparenze made that I also have as they are four different patterns in one and have the same feel as the animal pattern on the outside of the legs on these Adventure tights. These tights do not have a reinforced toe, but are thick enough to where I don't see that even being an issue.  I think this pair of tights would be perfect for the cooler weather and definitely will make your legs stand out and be noticed which I love!  they have the Trasparenze logo knitted near the top of the waistband as with all of my other trasparenze patterned tights have this feature as well.  All in all these are a great pair of tights and I know my amazing female friend taking the photos really loved them also!  I have to say I would definitely recommend these tights to others as they are perfect for cooler weather and are fun and unique.  They feel like they will be durable as they are more opaque. 

Again, I wanted to thank Papilio for sending me these amazing tights to review, and feel free to check out their website as they have many other patterned tights there!

While Papilio was kind enough to send me this pair to review, the review is still my own.

Hope you enjoyed the post,



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    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thannks for checking out my blog! They are amazing as they are half animal print and half opaque black with the insides plain black, and outsides of the legs animal print. On the front and back of the legs you can see where they meet, they are so unique, wild and cool! I love them so much!!

  2. I found your post at Nancy's party. These leopard ones are cute.

    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am glad you like the tights! They are actually half animal print and half opaque black which is so unique and cool in my opinion as the outsides of the legs have animal print and insides are plain black and you can see where they meet on the front and back very wild an cool! I love them!!

  3. Fabulous tights! Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much! I love the tights also! Thanks for having the link up!