Monday, October 3, 2016

Tramps Bryanna Cheetah Jacquard Tights

Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce a new brand Called Tramps Hosiery. They were generous enough to send me a pair to review!  They are out of the United States and specialized in Fashion Compression Hosiery.  I think this is a great idea as I myself have found compression hosiery to be very useful when my legs are sore and that is the reason that I have pairs of compression tights.  
This pair is something unlike any of the other compression tights I have ever tried before in the fact that they have a cheetah pattern to them which I love.  They also have open toes which I think can be either a positive or negative depending on the look you are going for.  I will say that it is a good thing they have instructions on how to put them on as they have a lot of compression to them, 25-30 mm/hg to be exact which is how the compression of hosiery is rated.  I can honestly say that I do not recall ever trying a pair of compression tights with anything over 18 mm/hg so this pair definitely has a good amount of compression.  I found that once I got my feet in, it was fairly easy to work the tights all the way up and once they were on, they felt really nice!  One thing I did notice right away was the designs on the brief portion of the tights as it really looks interesting, even though it is not on display for anyone else to see.  They also have the reinforced heel which is obvious as the fabric is different where the heel of the foot is supposed to go.  I think that for my first time wearing them, they were very nice and would hold up well to almost anything as they seem really durable and I have a feeling the compression helps with that.  I will have to do an update on these sometime in the future when I go hiking to see how well they help my legs after a long day of hiking.  I have high hopes for this pair.  The only con I have for this pair is that they are made in China, I would love to see them make them in europe, or at least in the u.s. as I truly love european tights so much and think it would definitely not hurt to have the tights made there.
Feel free to check them out at their website:  Tramps Hosiery

Although Tramps sent me this pair to review, the review is my own.

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