Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gabriella Abby Tights

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to be doing another review of yet another pair of Gabriella tights, this style is called Abby, and they are a black and blue color scheme which I think looks amazing!  Gabriella was kind enough to send me these tights to review and I really appreciate it!  They don't say the denier on them, but I would guess they would be around 50 denier or so.  The pattern is very unique as it is almost like geometric with bands going around the legs it is hard to say exactly what they are like as I have not seen anything quite like this on a pair of tights, but I do love the way they look.  The felt like a decent pair of tights that would hold up fairly well to numerous wearings and they were very comfortable to wear I must say.  I would say these tights would be great for adding a bit of pattern and color to any outfit and making the legs stand out!
I would recommend these tights to others as I think people would like the way the look and feel on the legs.  

While Gabriella did send me these tights to review, the review is still my own.

Hope you enjoyed the post,


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